Mathilde Odilia Interviews #1: "upbringing"

Super excited to share with you this raw new interview with Mathilde Odilia about my new series, Upbringing, recently exhibited at Fotofestival Schiedam (NL) in 2018 and Villa Dutoit, Geneva (CH) in 2019.

“Interview #1 from Mathilde Odilia explores one of the newest projects of photographer/filmmaker Julia Gat, called "Upbringing". In this photographic series, Julia photographed Montessori Elementary School De Korg in Rotterdam (NL), aiming to cast light on alternative forms of education. In this interview, she talks more about her own upbringing, homeschooling, and the content of the images themselves.”

Mathilde Odilia is a Finnish/Dutch, Rotterdam-based musician graduated from the Prins Claus Conservatory Groningen. Specialised in classical violin (2016, Sonja van Beek), she was a participant of various Roots & Routes projects and got selected as a member of the 2017-2018 Poetry Circle 010. In 2018, Mathilde won the coaching prize in the DEBUT x Roots competition as ODILE. She has performed in a variety of locations; as an orchestra violinist in the Ricciotti Ensemble, as a solo act with voice, violin and looper for a Hiphop Theatre show, and much more. Alongside her career as a musician, Mathilde is inspired by a variety of artists and is now releasing a brand new series of interviews, where she researches further her interdisciplirnary inspirations.